Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June Meeting Minutes

June 14th, 2014
1.       Our first meeting at Crafty Threads!  If you have not signed up for her newsletter, please do so to learn of their great offerings! http://www.craftythreads.com/newsletter/subscribe/
a.       Crafty Threads is competing in a Creative Grids ruler challenge! Please like their photo (#13) to help the store win free rulers! She is currently in second place!
2.       Introductions – Welcome two new members!
a.       10 members present
3.       Our new officers were selected:
a.       Ellen Ault as President
b.      Katie Ringo as Vice-President
c.       Sara David as Treasurer
d.      Sandy MacWilliam as Secretary
e.      Officers have been updated in our group settings on the national MQG site.
f.        Emily volunteered as our event coordinator!
4.       Quiltcon
a.       Registration tutorials are being emailed this week.  Video tutorials/reference has been posted to their youtube channel.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj_f_aiXqKAL43JGYbhoglw
5.       Michael Miller Fabric Challenge
a.       Official deadline July 25th to submit to online forum : https://community.themodernquiltguild.com/forums/mqg-fabric-challenges
b.      We will  look at our guild’s work in the July Meeting, July 12th
c.       If submitting to International Quilt Festival, deadline June 27th
6.       Communication:
a.       Facebook is back! Please join our group if you have not already! https://www.facebook.com/groups/327272324088268/
b.      We will be holding all future events/meeting times on Facebook for easier access to the meetings
c.       We will still use the National Modern Quilt site for news and national outreach. But our main access will return to Facebook.
7.       Mini Guild Challenge – New Logo
a.       Since we are returning to Facebook, we need a logo!  We will also use the logo on our website and blog as we try to get them off the ground and use more of social media to attract other members!
b.      We will start a topic on the Facebook page to post your ideas. 
c.       Your logo design for us can be anything that you like, but do stick to the ‘square’ format.
d.      If you do not know how to use any software, you can draw your idea and we will have someone else create a digital version for you!
e.      Please upload your design(s) by the July meeting for us to vote on at that meeting.
8.       Community Field Trip –
a.       To help bring more community between our members we have brought up the idea of visiting the Chihuly exhibit and Hot Spot Hot Spot Glass studio in St. Pete for the August meeting.  Those present were in favor.  Visiting the museums will be a great inspiration on color and design, which we talked about turning into a mini pillow cover challenge for the following month.
b.      We need at least ten members to confirm to be able to get the discounted group rate.  Please confirm the August event date if you can come by the July meeting so we can order tickets. Group rate will be ~$16.25 per peson.  We will confirm the final price as the date approaches.
c.       Topics also included the florida Botancial Gardens as a possible trip in the cooler months such as January/February
9.       Block of the Month
a.       8 blocks turned in for Emily’s block.  Ann gave the pattern for her block the Quilty Cross. She wants a white solid background with a red print.
10.   Charity Sewing Day – ConKerr Pillowcases
a.       As a group we sewed 21 pillowcases for Con Kerr!  Congratulations! Remember that Crafty Threads is doing a pillowcase promotion. If you bring in 3 finished pillowcases/kits/ or yards of fabric by July 26th you will receive a $5 chip to Crafty Threads.
11.   July meeting
a.       10 am at Jimmie B Keel library, Bears Ave.
b.      $25 dues to be collected. Checks can be made to Tampa Modern Quilt Guild.
c.       Educational topic: Original Quilt Design
d.      Show Michael Miller challenge quilts
e.      Holiday Handmade White Elephant swap, wrapped! Could wrap with fabric ;)

f.        Food! Emily is arranging who is bringing what to our event. Check the Facebook page.