Saturday, November 1, 2014

October 2014 Meeting Minutes

Tampa Modern Quilt Guild
October 11, 2014

We had a packed house today, with many visitors, of which we gained new members.  Welcome!

Visitors today:  Patti French, Jan Gerhart, Carol Tricka, Melissa Mathis, Deana Sola, Patty Hanson, Becky Mathis, Dianne Tanello, Flo McGee, Lisa Aubrey.  (I apologize for any misspelling of names)
Members present:  Adele, Anita, Terri, Kim, Sandy, & Ellen A.

Today, we received blocks that everyone made for the QuiltCON charity challenge.  We designed a quilt utilizing them.  Ellen and Sandy took it home to finish the piecing.  Katie agreed to quilt it.  Adele is making the binding and we will all sew part of the binding at the November meeting to finish the quilt.  It is due to MQG before February 2015 and will hang at the QuiltCON.  Can’t believe it is almost queen size with the minimum size requirement from MQG. 

Today also was our “stuff” exchange.  Lots of fun stuff came and went.  We even had shoppers come and look over our “stuff” and take some, too.  It was a fun event.

Terri shared information about a Flickr group called Add-a-Border Block Swap.  Dustin Cecil runs it.  It is a form of round robin.  You send in a block, receive another one, add a border and then send it back in.  Eventually, your block is returned to you with borders added. 

Current challenge is our Dali challenge, due at the November meeting.  A small project based on what was your inspiration at the Dali Museum.  We saw Anita’s pillow, with triangles and a mustache, how fun. 

Our Project Linus quilts are due at the November meeting, also.  Ellen has the labels for you to use on your quilt.

Block of the Month for October is for Terri.  She is using one from Tula Pink’s 100 Blocks Quilt Book.  Directions and color request are up on our Facebook page. 

News from Crafty Threads: 
Quilt Auction, December 13
Retreat, Hampton Inn, Oldsmar, November 13-16

Thursday, August 21, 2014

August 9, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Tampa Modern Quilt Guild
August 9, 2014

In attendance:  Ellen, Sandy, Anita, Sara, Carol, Adele, and Ellen S.
Guests:  Pattie French, Lola Bolton, and Dianne Tanella

Our Tampa MQG flyers are on Facebook, so you can download and print to take to any quilt shop that Ellen hasn’t already.  Flyers are at Crafty Threads, Happy Apple Quilts, Keep Me In Stitches Carrollwood, Scrap and Sew.  Happy Apple is providing a 10% discount with your membership card.

Our September meeting will be at Dali Museum.  We will have a pixel challenge following this meeting.  Arrive at 10AM, have lunch either at the Museum or somewhere around it, and have our Sew & Share at lunch.

Quilt CON has 3 challenges:
  1. Panasonic Bias Tape Appliqué.  Minimum size is 36 inches square.  You must make your own bias tape.
  2. Michael Miller Spring Cotton Couture. You sign up as an individual online with the national MQG  and they send you the featured fabrics.  Any fabrics you add must be MM from Spring Cotton Couture or any of its solids.  National is saying, only request the fabric if you plan to create and enter the challenge. 
  3. Local group challenge, to create a Charity Quilt using the colors of the MQG logo, with white and grey.  A file is posted on our facebook page containing color references to use.  We will be making either 12 inch or 6 inch finished blocks, using an alternate grid work pattern.  Bring to the October meeting, and we will then design our quilt from our blocks, collectively put it together, and have someone take it home to quilt.  At the November meeting, we will bind it and ready to be sent off to Austin for the Quilt CON in February. 

October meeting is our swap meeting, to bring in quilting/sewing supplies we no longer use and can swap with others. 

November meeting we will collect our Linus Quilts.

Block of the Month.  Everyone brought in the economy blocks for Katie.  Next block is for Sandy.  She demonstrated how to make the disappearing hourglass block.  She provided the “I Like You” 10 inch fabric square for the background, and you complete it with a bright or novelty fabric.


Ellen showed her cook book holder that she uses to keep quilt books open.  It is cheaper than having your books cut and spiral bound.
Adele showed her paper piecing with freezer paper.  Fascinating, that you don’t sew on the line, you fold the freezer paper and sew next to the fold, after you are done, you just lift off the freezer paper and use it again.
Show & Tell
Anita:  Tessellating stars
Ellen S:  Citrus sunshine strip ‘n flip; 18 inch origami bag; grey strips pillow in process
Adele:  little bag/pouch

Sandy:  baby quilts for neonatal unit that VanDyke Quilters make; hexie eye spy quilt

Thursday, July 17, 2014

July Meeting Minutes

Tampa Modern Quilt Guild  July 12, 2014

Welcome back some folks and new folks to our group.  In attendance, Ellen A, Sandy, Ann, Katie, Kim, Ellen S, Sara, Linda, Adelle, Emily.

We have a new logo, thank you Katie for designing the Tampa skyline with hexies, terrific.

Dues for the year are due, $25.

Blocks of the Month:
Everyone brought in the red and white quilty cross blocks for Ann.  Katie gave us all a paper piecing Economy Block as her choice.

Michael Miller Challenge:
What a great job by everyone.  Katie did a Dresden appliqué, called Hop Scotch Lane.  Ann created orange peels.  Sandy made sun rise/sun set.  Ellen A made Curvy Mammoth or Curvy MF, its affectionate name.  Emily made Improv Pinwheels.  Adelle created Taking Shape.  Everyone shared their design story and how the quilt changed during the process.  We voted, and a tie between Katie and Adelle.  Katie won a package of batting and Adelle received a fat quarter bundle.  Congratulations to everyone and their quilts.

Katie will create a link on Facebook to the blogs and Instagram.

Show & Tell:
Ellen S. shared her strip star HST pillow cover and strip yellow quilt top. 

Area Info:
It was mentioned that Carol Friedlander would be at Inspire in Plant City on July 23 for a trunk show.  Her architectural fabrics are being made again. 

Shop Hops in the area, Row by Row, a multi-state shop hop.  Toscana Blending, with 37 shops across Florida.

Mass Drop online offers a way for people to collectively purchase items of all types, including fabric and other crafting items.  Check them out. Current drop is the Patchwork Threads T-Shirts!

Next Guild Project:
Moving our outing trip to our September date.  Crafty Threads is hosting a huge Konkerr Cancer event in September, so a perfect time for us to explore and find inspirations for a small project.  May be visiting the Dali museum. Consensus was the chiluly and glasst Spot may still be too ‘hot’ to visit.  We learned that the Dali museum is no charge to Bank of America credit card holders on the first w/e of the month.

Next meeting:  Crafty Threads, 10A – 3P, August 9.  Demos:  Katie & basting, Ann & binding, Adelle & freezer paper piecing.  Any other ideas of small demos, please bring them! Need help on a project? Bring it!  Sara will be the next Block of the Month.  Should be a fun meeting and learning session.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June Meeting Minutes

June 14th, 2014
1.       Our first meeting at Crafty Threads!  If you have not signed up for her newsletter, please do so to learn of their great offerings!
a.       Crafty Threads is competing in a Creative Grids ruler challenge! Please like their photo (#13) to help the store win free rulers! She is currently in second place!
2.       Introductions – Welcome two new members!
a.       10 members present
3.       Our new officers were selected:
a.       Ellen Ault as President
b.      Katie Ringo as Vice-President
c.       Sara David as Treasurer
d.      Sandy MacWilliam as Secretary
e.      Officers have been updated in our group settings on the national MQG site.
f.        Emily volunteered as our event coordinator!
4.       Quiltcon
a.       Registration tutorials are being emailed this week.  Video tutorials/reference has been posted to their youtube channel.
5.       Michael Miller Fabric Challenge
a.       Official deadline July 25th to submit to online forum :
b.      We will  look at our guild’s work in the July Meeting, July 12th
c.       If submitting to International Quilt Festival, deadline June 27th
6.       Communication:
a.       Facebook is back! Please join our group if you have not already!
b.      We will be holding all future events/meeting times on Facebook for easier access to the meetings
c.       We will still use the National Modern Quilt site for news and national outreach. But our main access will return to Facebook.
7.       Mini Guild Challenge – New Logo
a.       Since we are returning to Facebook, we need a logo!  We will also use the logo on our website and blog as we try to get them off the ground and use more of social media to attract other members!
b.      We will start a topic on the Facebook page to post your ideas. 
c.       Your logo design for us can be anything that you like, but do stick to the ‘square’ format.
d.      If you do not know how to use any software, you can draw your idea and we will have someone else create a digital version for you!
e.      Please upload your design(s) by the July meeting for us to vote on at that meeting.
8.       Community Field Trip –
a.       To help bring more community between our members we have brought up the idea of visiting the Chihuly exhibit and Hot Spot Hot Spot Glass studio in St. Pete for the August meeting.  Those present were in favor.  Visiting the museums will be a great inspiration on color and design, which we talked about turning into a mini pillow cover challenge for the following month.
b.      We need at least ten members to confirm to be able to get the discounted group rate.  Please confirm the August event date if you can come by the July meeting so we can order tickets. Group rate will be ~$16.25 per peson.  We will confirm the final price as the date approaches.
c.       Topics also included the florida Botancial Gardens as a possible trip in the cooler months such as January/February
9.       Block of the Month
a.       8 blocks turned in for Emily’s block.  Ann gave the pattern for her block the Quilty Cross. She wants a white solid background with a red print.
10.   Charity Sewing Day – ConKerr Pillowcases
a.       As a group we sewed 21 pillowcases for Con Kerr!  Congratulations! Remember that Crafty Threads is doing a pillowcase promotion. If you bring in 3 finished pillowcases/kits/ or yards of fabric by July 26th you will receive a $5 chip to Crafty Threads.
11.   July meeting
a.       10 am at Jimmie B Keel library, Bears Ave.
b.      $25 dues to be collected. Checks can be made to Tampa Modern Quilt Guild.
c.       Educational topic: Original Quilt Design
d.      Show Michael Miller challenge quilts
e.      Holiday Handmade White Elephant swap, wrapped! Could wrap with fabric ;)

f.        Food! Emily is arranging who is bringing what to our event. Check the Facebook page.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

May Meeting Minutes

8 Members present at Inspire Quilt Shop on May 10th.

The official Modern Quilt Guild Michael Miller Challenge deadline has been extended to July 25th.  We will vote for our guild members creations at our July meeting, July 12th at Inspire Quilt Shop.

International Quilt Festival is welcoming modern quilt entries to submit quilts to their show.  Quilts must be at least 36" x 36". Quilts can move on to QuiltCon if person wants to submit to both. Entries open May 30th.

QuiltCon classes are supposed to be announced at the beginning of June.  Can also volunterr to work part of the show but needs to apply be end of MAy.  Apply through

July marks the new calendar year for the guild and new officers must be selected.  Officers will be voted for in the June meeting, officially taking control in July.  Volunteers as of the May meeting are as follows:  Ellen for President, Katie for Vice President, Sara for Treasurer, and Sandy for Secretary.  Emily has offered to run our official elections at the June meeting. If anyone else wants to run for an office, please be sure to attend our June meeting and speak up!  You can email us ahead of time as well if you are interested in being more involved with our guild.

Dues will also be collected at the June meeting, for $25 per member.  Cash or check payable to the Tampa Modern Quilt Guild.

Inspire Quilt Shop news: now an offocial Quilts of Valor drop off and service.  In September will have a Miles for SMiles event for ConKerr Cancer.  Inspire is running their own fabric P & B Challende, the Flying Sweetly line.  Quilts will be judged in the store during the shop hop motnhs.  Quilts can be marked for sale in the store as well.  See store for the beautiful fabric and challenge requirements.

We collected 8 blocks for inaugural Modern Block of the Month!  Emily's block is next using white, charcoal, mustard, or teal colors. She gave the instructions at the meeting but will also add to the site.  June's BOM will be Ann's choice.

Ellen and Sandy shared their trip to Paducah and all of the amazing quilts and shopping that was seen!

Note for Modern Insta Bee-ers.  In using the ninja star block, their is a correction in sizing/cutting.  Do look it up!

Our guild decided to complete 15 quilts for the Project Linus charity by our November meeting.  We will create a group label to place on the back of the blankets. No official size requirements, but they do look for older children and boy quilts since the majority gifted are babies and girl quilts.

The guild also decided June will be a charity sew day for ConKerr Cancer.  We will sew as many pillowcases as we can at our June meeting in Crafty Threads. Please RSVP for the June meeting and if you are staying to sew so we can be sure to set the room to proper sewing space. You will need 1/3 yd of the border fabric and 3/4 yd of the main pillowcase fabric.  Sandy and Ellen bought lots of pillowcase fabric in Paducah and will bring it to share.  But we do need border fabric to go with the main prints.  Solids, Tone on Tones, Stripes/Polka Dots, etc.  We need the calming side!

Next meeting will be June 14th at Crafty Threads!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April Modern BOM

Wallflower Waltz – Blue/Purples Color scheme (prints or solids) for Ellen Ault

1.       Fabric needed:
a.       Center square: 4 ½”
b.      Row 1 – WHITE Fat quarter
c.       Row 2 –Fat quarter
2.       Begin with Center Square 4 ½”
3.       Row #1 – Sew a 1 ½” x 4 ½” to right side of center square
4.       Working in clockwise direction:
a.       Sew 1 ½” x 5 ½” to bottom.
b.      Sew 2 ½” x 5 ½” to left
c.       Sew 2 ½”  x 7 ½” to top
5.       Row #2 – Sew 2 ½” x 7 ½” to  right side of current square
6.       Working in clockwise direction:
a.       Sew 2 ½” x 9 ½” to bottom
b.      Sew 1 ½” x 9 ½” to left
c.       Sew 1 ½” x 10 ½” to top

7.       Complete!

   Emily is next for May. Then Ann in June, Katie in July, and Terry in Sept. We do still need someone for August!

April MQG mintues

 10 members present, Business meeting 10 am 12 pm, sew day 12 pm – 1 pm
Michael Miller Fabric Challenge
Official deadline June 23rd , submit to official forum.  There is a current challenge in progress topic you can look at and upload to. We’ll look at our guild member’s pieces at the June Meeting. 8 members received their fabric. Thanks to Terry for giving her fabric to Katie!
MQG Webinars
Design Fundamentals & Starting a Business online, check the Webinar section in the forums to view in case you missed the live feed.
Meeting Ideas –What do you want from our TMQG?
I am very glad we brought this topic up. I personally have had ideas of what I want this guild to be and how I currently see it.  Everyone chimed in and was happy to have new ideas for things to occur during our meetings. The biggest topics all related to building a better “Community” between the members.  We enjoy seeing each other but know little about each other and when we leave have little to know about the next meeting. The main ideas were skill building, a bigger online presence, reaching out to more members, and charity sewing.

The group decided instead of having Sew days every month when you are unsure of people staying, we should use that time to learn something new.  The group consensus of the Improv Workshop we previously had was very successful and to continue in that fashion. Ideas brought up were free motion quilting, paper piecing, curved piecing, new binding techniques and even technological related ideas such as how to photograph your quilt or blogging.  If anyone wants to volunteer to teach the others something at a meeting, please let us know! We return to Inspire in May and do not have any skill building topics set for the meeting.

There was also a stress on a bigger online presence to inform current members and to help reach out to new members. Current members were unaware that we have a blog ( and that our personal TMQG website is under construction and never been used. The group brainstormed ideas to be put on either places such as lists of member’s personal blogs, calendar dates of meeting times and places, meeting minutes and local quilty stuff happenings. For example listing quilt shows that you can submit your work to or places to go as a group as a field trip, such as a museum or quilt show. Also adding our challenges and sewing items to the blog.  A Guild newsletter was also mentioned, and highly received. We will begin creating a format and sending these out. The blog can be directly linked to the website.
Our Flickr group was also mentioned pertaining to its little use.  Members have requested to join the group and have not heard back. We are unaware of who is in charge of the flickr group, to accept the newer members. This could also be added as a gallery or side bar to the blog and website.

There were many ideas in terms of reaching out to others.  In its simplest form, a TMQG avatar/button needs to be made so our current members can have a link on their own personal blogs to direct people to us as a group.  Ideas were mentioned to create a simple flyer to put at local quilt shops to let others learn of us, and on their websites.  Also putting flyers at local libraries if allowed. We will contact our current two locations that we hold our meetings first to add our information on their site.  There was a question of USF having a quilting group, to reach out to them to visit us. For local quilt shows, to look into getting information together to have a table/booth to show our work and members, to help gain others.  And then in the hopes of finding these new members, we need to have a ‘New Member Packet’ to give them all the information so they too will not feel lost.

Also looking at building community amongst our members, we decided to have a yard swap/sale type of event twice a year. Starting in September, then again in March, members are encouraged to bring fabric, books, patterns, and anything crafty to our meeting for a swap.  There was the question of actually selling the items or having this as a swap.  We are still a small guild, the comfort of just swapping works for now. However if we do plan to move forward with some of our larger ideas such as quilt shows or field trips, we may add prices such as 10 cents a fat quarter or the like, to help build guild funds. 

We already have our Holiday Party Swap set for July, where members will bring in a handmade item wrapped to swap. Other ideas for community building were to start sewing for each other.  Looking at the size of our group, we decided against bees and round robins as of yet.   Ellen initiated our ‘Modern Block of the Month’ for each meeting.  A member will be selected to bring in directions for a quilt block for the other members to make.  The member will pick a color scheme for the members to follow.  This will give all members the opportunity to make something during the month to bring at the following meeting.  The block information will also be posted online. (See the next post about Aprils BOM.) Members are not required to make the block. Blocks should be from a free pattern source.  The block does not have to be seen as ‘modern’ although this is where we can challenge each other! All members present were very excited about adding this to our meetings! (Yay! Glad I thought of it and brought it). Emily has chosen May, Ann has chosen June, Katie has chosen July, and Terry has chosen September.

The final item we discussed at our meeting was charity sewing.  The group feels the need to give back to the community, even if it is only a small amount.  Ideas were proposed such as ConKerr Cancer Pillowcases, Project Linus, Downy Quilts for Kids, NICU Quilts, Quilts for Kids, Easter Seals, etc.  Ellen will look up more information about these charities before the next meeting. She will bring her findings for the group to discuss and vote on a group to support.  There was also the idea to have a sew day specifically for one of the charities, such as a Pillowcase Sew Day. We could support two groups in this fashion. Having a more quilt based charity for the year and then the pillowcase sewing day.

Other small ideas that were discussed for future meetings were the topics of food! We all agreed for the July Holiday party that it should be a potluck (food to be assigned later.) There was an idea to bring our lunches to meetings so not to lose time going elsewhere.  For the moment this will be up to each person, but perhaps later we can decide on lunches in house to eat together at specific meetings. 

Another idea members had was to add an evening meeting to the month.  The idea was to have the evening meeting as the business meeting so then the sew day can be spend on all sewing! This idea appeared in favor, but will take more planning on our part. We will have to find locations that can accompany us and an evening that will work for the majority of the group.  There was an idea to have the business meeting at those houses of us who have the space.  Since it will be the business meeting, there would need to be room for people but not machines. We will also look into this for the future!

We ended the meeting with our Sew and Share!  Many people were intrigued with Terry’s ‘Add A Border’ quilt. Here is the link to the flickr group for it:

We hope everyone enjoyed the meeting and what we discussed!  I see some great things in our future! Let’s turn our guild into what we want it to be!
Next Meeting: May 10th, 10am, Inspire Quilt Shop

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

March MQG Meeting Minutes

Membership pins and cards were given out to present members.
The Michael Miller fabric will be given out in the April meeting.
Hotel registration is open for QuiltCon 2015. More information to come out in June/July about classes and teachers. Registration will open to members first, then general public.

We spent our educational component on the MQG website. Remember to add your name to your profile, and image so we can tell who is posting!

Some wonderful quilts were shown at our Sew & Share. Kara showed an interesting knife edge binding for a wall hanging.

"A Quilter's Mixology" will be coming out in May all about curved quilt blocks.

April meeting to resume on April 12th at Jimmie B. Keel Library.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

February and March Meetings

Our February and March meetings for 2014 have been officially scheduled.

We will be meeting on Saturday, February 8, 2014 at the Land O Lakes Regional Library at 12pm, as well as on Saturday, March 8, 2014 at 10:00am.

If you are not currently a member, we encourage you to come check us out and learn more about becoming a member! Guests are welcome to attend up to two meetings before deciding to join the guild.