Sunday, November 3, 2013

August Meeting Minutes

·         Held at Inspire Quilting in Plant city
·         We are now officially Tampa Modern Quilt Guild
o   Guests can visit two times
o   Members must pay dues to attend meetings and future challenges/events
o   Double check with Elizabeth that email is correct to get on the new group page from national MQG
o   Big Tent group to close at end of October
·         Alternative Meeting Spaces
o   Once construction is complete at Jimmie B. Keel library we hope to begin meeting their again
o   If you have a local church, club house,  community center, etc  please check to see if the group can meet their to give alternates.
·         Meeting Education: Solids in Modern Quilts
o   Solids show off graphic elements
o   Sowing piecing in quilts
o   Gradation of color to show movement

o   Needs to be solid color, not a gradient color. I.e. batiks are not solid, tone on tone is not solid

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