Saturday, January 9, 2016

November 2015 Meeting ReCap

It's December. It may not look like it or feel like it, but the year is quickly coming to a close. Our guild accomplished a lot this year and I am very proud of where we have come. We have grown in size about 10 members this year, which to us is a huge percentage! Thank you to all who have continued to support each other with our guild and quilting. Our QuiltCon Charity quilt went so well together. We donated 64 pillowcases to Miles for Smiles and at our last count had 9 quilts for Project Linus. 
At the November meeting we voted in our officers for 2016.

President: Ellen A.
VicePresident: Flo M.
Treasurer: Anita A.
Secretary:  Sandy M.

In the coming week we will be paying our renewal with National. 

We have thought of some fun new guild activities for us to do in 2016. There were 13 of 19 UFOs completed by our members this year. The rest of those can roll on over, if you wish!  We will continue the UFO Challenge and have a fat quarter as your ante for each UFO submission.

Going along with the UFO Challenge, we have decided to do a UFO Swap.  For the January meeting, along with your list of UFOs, bring a UFO that you just don't want to look at anymore!  Something you started and have no desire to finish.  We will swap with other members and have a secondary challenge to complete or re-purpose the UFO in 2016.

We also want to introduce Quilting Resolutions.  Instead of focusing on the past, lets look to the future!  What do you want to learn? What do you want to accomplish?  We will pass slips around at the meeting for you to fill out about your quilty hopes for 2016.  We will use these to help develop content and activities for our meetings.  

As always, any of our guild activities are completely voluntary.  But we do want to remind you of our Think Spring Quilt Show in the Lakeland Sewing Expo!  Please bring finished quilts to the January meeting so we can have a final count to give the expo. Lakeland will be making the display signs for us.  I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday with lots of quilting!

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